The Angrybirdsrio Republic of Egypt, Angrybirdsrio Egypt, or simply Egypt, is a country located in northern Africa. This has a series of history dating back to 3000 BC when Ancient Egyptians built civilization on the Nile River.

Geography Edit

Climate Edit

The climate in Egypt is hot and dry.

Bodies of Water Edit

  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Red Sea
  • Gulf of Suez
  • Gulf of Aqaba
  • Nile River

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Government Edit

Military Edit

The Armed Forces of the Angrybirdsrio Republic of Egypt is commanded by the president. The following list shows all the forts in Egypt:

  • Fort Angrison (5-7 mi. SW of Anderio)

Economy Edit

Angrybirdsrio Republic of Egypt uses the Egyptian Pound as it's currency.

Transportation Edit

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Air Edit

It's air transportation comes from EgyptAir, which is founded in 1932 which flies to many Egyptian destinations, and Angrybirdsrio Airlines flies to Cairo.

Land Edit

Egypt can be traveled on land by automobile, bus, or train.

Demographics Edit

Ethnic Groups Edit

In Egypt, Angrybirdsrios and Egyptians both make up to 92% of the country's population.

Communties Edit

Community Name Population Founded Status Notes
Cairo 19,500,000 (2017) Around 2000 B.C. City Capital of Egypt
Alexandria 5,172,000 (2017) 332 B.C. City
Anderio 114 (2019) 1902 City
Angrybirdsrio1's Landing 16 (2019) 2019 City
Anderia 1 (2018) 2018 City
Thymoak Island 1 (2018) 2018 Village
Anderiu 2019 Town
Clyde 2019 Village